Every Dog Has the Right to…


The dog is undoubtedly a full–fledged member of your family. And the family is... The family is a social unit! Therefore, the dog is a member of our society, and therefore has its rights and obligations. And which ones? Let us make it clear.

The right to choose

In a normal family, everyone has the right to make their own choice. For example, the dad has the right to go fishing on weekends or go to football with friends, the mum – to visit a hairdresser and a nail salon, the grandma to sit with her neighbors on a bench at the entrance, and children may decide which clubs and sections to visit. And the rest ones should support these needs and interests. Does the dog have the right to choose? Definitely it does. And if it wants to guard the house, the owner should build a booth in the yard. Does it want to sleep all days long? Well, let it sleep. Not to mention morning/evening walks: for a dog, this is not just a choice, but a natural need. Please, be sure to provide all that!

The right to its own opinion

This resembles the right described in the previous paragraph. The right to one's own opinion is an opportunity to express one's attitude to the actions of others. For example, if the dad and his friends prefer to drink beer in the garage instead of football, the mum has the right to express her dissatisfaction by any means available, except maybe a frying pan. The dog may also have and express its opinion. It looks something like this: "I don't want dry food, I think meat tastes better" – and there's nothing to do about it. It has the right.

The right to treat people differently

Usually cats choose one Person, while allowing the others to feed them, clean the tray, and the like. Dogs behave friendlier towards everyone in the house, but still they have the right to more tender feelings for someone. This is demonstrated, for example, in its desire to sleep in the child's bed or go for walks exclusively with the dad. Most often they have reasons for this, but sometimes no. Feelings are inexplicable…

The right to have documents

Every adult in the family has a passport, children have birth certificates, and what about the dog? It must also have an official passport, documents confirming its pedigree, and a medical book recording all the vaccinations. Just like children. And if the dog is a traveler, it will need an international "passport" to travel abroad.

The right to receive payment for work

Some dog owners earn money with the help of their pets: they shoot and post videos on the Internet, "rent out" them for filming in advertising or are engaged in breeding purebred puppies. There are also cases when dogs are officially employed and "serve" in the police or as a therapy dog in a dog training center. The income, of course, is received by the owner. And what about the dog, shouldn't it be paid? It should, and it receives payment with high-quality food, toys, and often fashionable dog clothes and shoes.


If there are rights, then there must be responsibilities, right? Of course, the dog has some: it must obey its owner, behave decently, not encroach on furniture and wallpaper... and much more. But its main responsibility is to love its owners and be loved by them. However, this is also a right…

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