Cute Bears


Many people have dogs, cats and other pets. Some prefer to have small pets – hamsters, turtles, etc., others prefer birds, fish, and this is also unlikely to surprise anyone. You can only impress others with an absolutely exotic pet like Messi the puma from Penza. Have you ever dreamed of such an unusual animal in the house? Then what about a bear? To speak seriously, below is a good "option" for you - seven dog breeds resembling a bear: the same cute and charming. In a word, cuties.

1. Samoyed dog. Thanks to their luxurious white coat, these dogs really resemble polar bears. The coat of the Samoyeds is so thick that the skin is not visible under the hair even during active molting. However, during this period dogs lose quite a lot of wool, and in the North they spin warm and soft yarn from it. After all, this breed comes from Siberia, the land of severe frosts and heavy snows, and the Samoyeds simply would not be able to survive without such wool. However, their main advantages are not in their warm wool, but in their talent of hunting and sled dogs. Active, sociable, friendly, the Samoyeds, however, are distinguished by a harsh Siberian disposition, and if they don't like something, be sure that you will understand it immediately by a very expressive and very loud barking. When getting a dog of this breed, remember: it is vital for them to move a lot, otherwise your shoes, flower pots and even trash cans will suffer. In addition, they love to chase squirrels and hares, and in the absence of such – cats. Hunting instinct, nothing can be done!

2. Tibetan Mastiff. An unusually noble, solid dog, whose size impresses. They really look like bears, but they don't look like evil predators. A large head with an almost lion–like "mane", almond-shaped eyes, thick wool - this is the portrait of these animals bred many centuries ago in Tibet to protect territories. By the way, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Tibetan Mastiffs today perfectly perform security functions – primarily due to their intimidating appearance, while being most often bought as family companion dogs. Thanks to such qualities as immeasurable devotion and love for their owners, they are the best for this role. These dogs are smart, attentive and extremely receptive to the mood of the owner, so it's better not to quarrel in their presence: Mastiffs do not like this very much.

3. Akita Inu. The breed of strong dogs was bred in the Land of the Rising Sun in the Middle Ages to protect the houses of the Japanese nobility, as well as to hunt wild boars, bears (yes) and deer. They are absolutely fearless and are characterized by boundless devotion to their man. For those who doubt, we suggest remembering Hachiko – perhaps the most famous dog of this breed. With all their undoubted advantages and very attractive appearance, Akita Inu are distinguished by unprecedented stubbornness, so the process of training such a dog will take much time and patience. However, it's worth it. A charming "bear" in the house who can not only bark, but also grumble and even mutter – what could be nicer?

4. Pyrenean Mountain Dog. And now about dogs of European origin. The Pyrenees are, as you know, a mountain range on the modern Franco–Spanish border, and it is clear from the name that the breed originates from those places. Initially, it was bred as a shepherd, but the mountain dogs are also known as rescuers, guards and even therapy dogs. This is a particularly large, even majestic and at the same time elegant dog with a strong build and thick fur, which is why this dog resembles a bear. The appearance fully corresponds to the inner content: these dogs are distinguished by high intelligence and balanced character. And they also have an amazing ability to determine the intentions of strangers. Real "bears"!

5. Chow Chow. These dogs are not as large as the ones we described above, and yet they also resemble bears. Little bears. Of course, first of all thanks to their luxurious "mane" and facial expression. Sometimes people say that chow's behavior resembles cats: they are arrogant, independent and wayward. Maybe. But they are distinguished by incredible loyalty to the owner and feel good only when surrounded by "their people". This breed has been known since ancient times; it was bred on the border of China and Mongolia, and for a long time the Chow Chow was considered an "inner" Chinese breed. However, today they are popular all over the world, and, by the way, the breed received its current name from the English navigators of the XVIII century, who took several dogs from China.

6. Caucasian Shepherd. Of course, someone can dispute the similarity of this breed with a bear, and will be wrong, because the breed has another, less common name: Russian bear dog. For a long time it was believed that Caucasian Shepherds are descendants of domesticated wolves from the Caucasus mountains, but there are also versions that the breed originates from Tibet and Mesopotamia. The main purpose of these dogs is to protect homes and other important objects for humans, as well as to help shepherds. There are two varieties of this breed: the mountain type with long and thick hair and a large massive body and the steppe type – lighter, elegant dogs with short hair. However, both varieties have something that unites them – endless devotion to the owner. They love their owner so much that they are ready to protect him from anyone and anything, so they can show real aggression towards outsiders.

7. Newfoundland. Another breed, whose origin is unclear: someone thinks that Newfoundlands are the evolved descendants of hybrids of North American wolves and Tibetan Mastiffs, others claim that the ancestors of this breed appeared in the New World around 1000, when Viking ships reached these lands. However, the most common version sends us to Canada: most experts consider that these dogs originate from this country. It is no coincidence that the breed got its name in honor of the province of Canada located on the Atlantic coast. "Canadian bears" combine an impressive appearance and extraordinary kindness; they are very affectionate to all members of the family. And there is a need to defend you, they become just a physical barrier between you and the threatening danger. Moreover, both on land and in the water, because Newfoundlands are excellent swimmers, and their thick double coat allows them to stay for a long time even in cold water, which makes them indispensable rescuers.

And which bear dog will you choose?

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