Dog for a Young Couple: 7 Reasons to Have a Pet


Have you recently got married or are you just living together but not ready to become parents yet? But why? Are you afraid to bear such responsibility? Don't you know how to properly manage your time and share responsibilities? Just want to live "for each other"? All these are the most common reasons why young couples postpone becoming parents. Of course, this is understandable, children mean great responsibility! And while in the old days young people learned all the wisdom of family life from older family members, it is nowadays customary to live separately from parents and even more so from grandparents – so who will teach two young people to become not just partners, but a real family? The answer is simple: a dog. And there are several reasons to get a pet as soon as possible.

The first reason: you will learn how to care. Of course, your mom taught you to brush your teeth, keep your house and clothes clean, maybe even put on a hat when it's cold – in a word, take care of yourself. But taking care of someone else is somewhat different. You can't explain to a puppy that you accidentally forgot to buy food, that you don't want to go for a walk because it's raining, or that you suddenly decided to go to St. Petersburg for a couple of days. You're responsible for what you have tamed – now these are not only beautiful words from the fairy tale about the Little Prince, but also your new family rule. And it will make you better – as a couple and each of you two separately.

The second reason: you can change your lifestyle. Admit: how often have you promised to go in for sports or at least start running in the morning? How long have you been trying to quit smoking? How many times have you tried to come to your senses since Monday, the first day of the month, or the New Year? Can't count, right? Well, that's it: the dog, among other things, will bring guaranteed daily walks at a fast pace, or even the very runs that have only been declared by you so far. And having such a load, you will give up cigarettes, won't you? Yes, you will also have to learn how to keep your things in order, not to throw them around the house, because the dog can easily chew your favorite shoes or, say, make loose stitches on a branded sweatshirt. You will have to clean the apartment regularly – so you will get used to living in cleanliness.

The third reason: you will learn how to distribute responsibilities. It just seems that a dog means continuous pleasure. In fact, a living being requires a lot of attention and a lot of care (see above). And who will do all this? Who will go out early in the morning to walk a pet, whatever the weather and time of the year is? Who will clean up after the dog? Who will be responsible for feeding the dog? And who will take the pet to the vet? All this should be agreed beforehand, when you are just dreaming about buying a puppy. If you succeed, you will become not just two separate people, but a real team: you two plus your dog. By the way, it happens exactly the same way with children, do not doubt.

The fourth reason: you will check your feelings. Challenges strengthen relationships – this is an axiom. Life with a dog is a real challenge. But you can stand it, cause you love each other.

The fifth reason: you will learn how to plan a family budget. Have you long had a shared family budget? Excellent. But there is a nuance: when a dog will appear in your life, expenses will increase, but income will not. Your pet unlikely works and even more so earns, unless it is a star of its own blog. However, the monthly expenses for dog food alone will amount to at least 3-5 thousand rubles, not to mention the fact that the puppy itself costs a lot of money: depending on the breed – from 20 to 60 thousand rubles, or even more. Add toys, leashes, clothes, services of a dog trainer, vet visits. All this needs to be carefully planned, otherwise you will be disappointed for sure.

The sixth reason: you will become adult. Have you dreamt of a dog since childhood, but didn't have an opportunity to get one? No one will be able to say no to you, and this means real adulthood. But is this what you wanted when you started a relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend?

The seventh reason: there will be more love in your life – for your pet and for each other.

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