Going on Vacation: What To Do with the Dog?


It's time for summer vacations. Have you already managed to go to the sea or are you just looking forward to the main trip of this summer? Or are you one of those who find the best rest in the country beds? If you belong to this category of vacationers, feel free to close this article: it is unlikely to interest you. Why? Because you will not be interested in the traditional pet-related problem for all vacationers: you just take the dog with you to the dacha and enjoy a joint vacation. And, to be honest, we even envy you a little.

However, most people still prefer to spend their holidays not in labors, but in blissful idleness. In the mountains or on the sea, for example.

And in such a case, there arises a question: what to do with your pet? There are actually three options: take the dog with you, ask relatives/friends to help, or give it to a special kennel. Frankly speaking, all three of the options are not ideal, but possible.

Why is the first option good? It's simple: your dog is with you, it is constantly under supervision, you do not worry that something will happen to it. And why is it bad? Well, because this is no longer a rest: you can't carelessly lie on the sand or dive to goosebumps on your skin; you need to constantly monitor the dog's health and mood, monitor its diet and behavior – in general, everything like at home, just not at home. There are disadvantages for the pet: animals hardly adapt to a different climate, "alien" water, unfamiliar place of residence and external conditions. Not to mention the fact that not all hotels support the pet-friendly concept. Moreover, transportation of pets by rail and air transport is a real quest…

Is it better to give a dog to friends, relatives or acquaintances for the time of vacation? On the one hand, yes: leaving the dog at home, you save it from the discomfort caused by the road and new places, and save yourself from a lot of trouble. However, are you sure that a temporary "dog's nanny" can be absolutely trusted? Do the person and the dog know each other well? Does the person love animals as much as you do? Does your confidant understand the nuances of feeding, walking, playing, grooming, etc.? Does he/she have enough time to take care of your pet? If you answer "yes" to all these questions – well, such an option is a very good choice.

The main disadvantage: the dog will still miss you. You too.

Special hotel for animals. Of course, this is a modern and civilized way to spend a vacation without worries, entrusting the care of your dog to professionals. But... alas, these professionals are not always real professionals. Therefore, before settling the dog in such a hotel, make sure that it meets your requirements.

Will your dog have a separate "room", that is, an individual room with a warm booth and a place for walking? Do you and your pet like it? Is there a veterinarian at the hotel? Is there a strict regime of walking and meals? Is the staff neat and polite? Do you conclude an official agreement indicating the company's details and contact information?

And remember: the higher these requirements are, the better your pet will feel, and the calmer you will spend your vacation.

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