There is Never too Much Beauty


A beautiful girl and beautiful dogs - could there be anything more beautiful in this world?

The famous figure skater Alina Zagitova has recently posted several photos from her new photo shoot on Instagram - and instantly received more than 120 thousand likes. Because it is simply impossible to take your eyes off Alina's photos with her dogs - the Akita named Masaru and the Maltipoo Shanti. As fans write, chic and charm!

The 19-year-old Olympic champion is not competing now; she has taken a break in her career to get a higher education, and in the intervals between the lessons at the academy she manages to perform in ice shows and even work as a TV presenter. And not just anywhere, but on Channel One.

Alina is known not only for her sports victories, but also for her striking beauty. The new photo session was another confirmation of this: impeccable makeup, a long gorgeous raincoat, slender legs - and of course, the adorable four-legged friends of the skater.

Pets are truly her best friends. And each has its own story. The "Japanese" Masaru appeared in Alina's house after her triumphant performance at the Olympic Games in South Korea. At that time the champion was only fifteen. And although a cat Iriska and an unnamed chinchilla already lived in her house, she had long dreamed of a dog and even asked for such a gift from her parents. "Let's see," Ilnaz and Leysan Zagitovs answered, "if you perform well at the Olympics, maybe". There was nothing to do - she had to win the Olympics.

But seriously, Masaru was a gift from the Japanese Association for the Preservation of Purity of Akita. The three-month-old puppy was brought to Russia directly from the Land of the Rising Sun, and even the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and his wife attended the ceremony in the Moscow Hotel of Metropol!

Of course, the girl and the dog immediately became friends. "Masaru is my everything. She is affectionate, active, always plays with me. This is my best friend, - said Alina. - I am very glad that Masaru has appeared in my life. She not only understands me - she feels. She always listens carefully when we talk. And more and more often it seems to me that this is not a dog, but a living person who has simply turned into a dog".

If Alina is at home, they practically do not part.

They go to the rink together

And even to the Evening Urgant Show.

By the way, thanks to the Russian figure skater, the Akita breed is becoming more and more fashionable in its homeland - although it began to lose its former popularity. By the way a year after the first meeting with Masaru, Zagitova paid a return visit to the Prime Minister of Japan; they met at his residence, and Alina presented Mr. Abe a plush copy of her pet. "Masaru is a large dog and does not tolerate air travels", the girl admitted, "and I would so much like to take her with me". The first person of Japan promised to solve this problem.

And while he is solving it, Alina has taken a new dog - Maltipoo Shanti. And not only because it is small and she can take it with her on trips. Just because there are never too many dogs, like there is never too much beauty.

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