Skiing, Watching Races and Going to the Russian Sauna


Believe it or not, this is all about a dog. However, there is nothing surprising in all these absolutely not "animal" activities if you know whose dog we are talking about.

The dog owner's name is Alexander Bolshunov. The major star of world skiing, that very San Sanych Bolshunov, who "tears" literally everyone on the ski slopes and wins the legendary Tour de Ski for the second year in a row.

The dog's name is Falun. And it's not without a reason: Sasha named the pet in honor of his very first victory at the World Cup - and it happened just in the Swedish town of Falun. The dog is an old German shepherd dog. He lives with Alexander's parents in the village of Podyvotye near Bryansk. There is such freedom for the dog!

Falun goes fishing

helps Bolshunov Sr. in the forest

and of course, waits for San Sanych at home.

The skier laughs: they say, Falun is watching his races: “Yeah, he is watching. He has NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) connected. In a word, he has a booth, and when dad was building it, he hung a plate there, and it says NRK”. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

The dog really takes the success of its owner very seriously. If you look at his instagram (which, by the way, was started by Bolshunov's bride, skier Anna Zherebyatyeva), you can see that Falun likes skiing as well! Well, or play a ball.

They also go to the Russian sauna together.

Although people believe that sauna is harmful to a dog, but what if these cannot make a step without each other? And are there many dogs in the world that may be called a sparring partner by such an outstanding champion as Alexander Bolshunov?

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